Sullivan Family Tree


All we know about Jeremiah Sullivan is that he was born in Ireland in 1835. According to the 1881 census he lived, along with his wife Ellen and son Jeremiah at 32 Devonshire St, London, Middlesex. Also in the house were two boarders, Emma and Thomas Symons.

Thomas Sullivan was born in County Cork in Ireland. He came to live in England as a very young boy with his parents Jeremiah and Ellen. In the 1881 census he was living with his wife Mary and son Norah with Mary's parents James and Maria Sheehan at 5 Edwards Pl, London, Middlesex. Also living there were Mary's siblings James and Margaret.

Thomas married Mary Sheehan, b. 1862, the daughter of James and Maria Sheehan. There were an unknown amount of children from the marriage, they had one boy, Norah, who died when he was very young. The surviving boys are as follows: Thomas, William, John & Robert.

Thomas (bachelor), was unfit for active service, but joined up as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. He died at home. Before he joined up he was the No.1 chauffeur for Lord Derby. His date of birth is not known.

William (bachelor), served in the Royal Navy for about 21 years. Served in the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman. Died in the Royal Navy Hospital, Chatham, Kent. The cause being his ship being sunk in World War I. His date of birth is not known.

John, b. 20.4.1889 d. 13.10.1916. Killed in France at the Somme in World War I, his grave is unknown. He was in the Northamptonshire Regiment. Married Mary Ann Soley, b. 23.4.1888 d. 2.9.1945, there were three children of the marriage, John Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas.

Robert (bachelor), d. 9.6.1917. Killed in France at the Somme, his grave is unknown. He was in the Royal Field Artillery. His date of birth is not known.

John Lawrence, b. 28.10.1910. Married Ivy Eileen Maddock, b. 10.7.1920. They had one child Lesley Anne, b. 25.6.1956.

Mary Elizabeth, b. 1.5.1912 d.1999. Married Ron Baverstock, they didn't have any children.

Thomas, b. 12.7.1914 d. 12.3.1970. Married Phoebe Violet Penney (known as Vi), b. 18.6.1915 d. 30.9.1993. They had one child John Lawrence.

John Lawrence, b. 7.4.1947. Married Katharine Ann Coyston, b. 22.12.1946. Divorced in 1986, there are two children from the marriage, Hilary Kate and Jennie Louise. Born in London John moved to Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk over 40 years ago. He now lives in Ipswich.

Hilary Kate, b. 20.3.1974. Born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk and grew up in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Went to University in Ipswich, Suffolk and is now a Software Product Tester there. She has two sons.

Jennie Louise, b. 25.5.1975. See above. Went to University in Leeds, Yorkshire and is now living in Bedfordshire working in fundraising for GOSH. She has one daughter.