Sullivan Family Tree


Regarding my Grandfather, he worked for the St. Marylebone Borough Council for many years. I know he was with them during WWI. One day the council told him he would have to retire, the records showed that he was 65 years of age, he said he wasn't 65 and wasn't going to retire. He was asked for a birth certificate (he hadn't got one). My Grandmother went to see her sister who was living then at Drummond Crescent, London NW1, for some advice. Her sister said that she would go and see her local priest for some help. Sometime later on a document was produced, I don't know if it was a birth certificate or a copy. I can't see the council looking at any old piece of paper for proof of age. I think the document must have come from Cappoquin, his birth place or the office at Waterford County. My Grandmother's sisters name was Margaret Wyatt (nee Sheehan).

The St. Marylebone B.C address is The Town Hall, Marylebone Road, London NW1. Perhaps they can help you, also Uncle Tom (the dark horse one) worked for the council at the same time as his dad.

Thomas didn't serve in the forces during WWI. He was unfit for service, but I think he joined the Red Cross as a driver.

Mum & Dad were married at the St. Marylebone Registry Office on 20th June 1910, (11 Orcus St, St. Marylebone).

Mum's parents were James Soley and Annie Eliza Soley (nee Spink). Living at 18 Devonshire Street, St. Marylebone, W1.

I married Ivy Eileen (nee Maddock) at St. Johns Church, High Road, Wembley London on 3rd January 1942. We have one daughter, Lesley Anne b. 25.6.1956. Aunt Ivy b. 10.7.1920 and myself b. 28.10.1910.

Mary married Ron at the Emmanuel Church, Harrow Road, Paddington, London late 1945 or early 1946. When Ron died his neice made all the arrangements for the funeral, she may have Mary's birth certificate and their marriage certificate.

Regarding my Grandparents daughter who died very young, I know very little about her other than her name was Mary.

G. Uncle John