Sullivan Family Tree


Great Great Grandfather

Thomas Sullivan - Born in Cappoquin??, I think in the county of Waterford, South East Ireland. Came to England as a very young boy. I don not have any news of his parents or family. At one time he lived in Paddington, then moved to St. Johns Wood. Date of birth is not known.

Married Mary Sheehan, who was born in Limerick Ireland. Came to England as a young girl. Date of birth not known.

The children of the marriage, four boys and two girls. The girls died very young. The boys names are as follows (not in age order) William, John, Robert and Thomas.

William (bachelor) - Date of birth not known. Served in the Royal Navy for about 10 years. Died in the Royal Navy Hospital, Chatham, Kent. The result of his ship being sunk in the 1914 war.

John (married) - b. 20.4.1889. Killed in France at the Somme. Grave unknown d. 16.10.1916. He was in the Royal Home Artillery.

Robert (bachelor) - Killed in France at the Somme. Grave unknown. He was also in the Royal Home Artillery, but not the same regiment as his brother. Date of birth not known.

Thomas (bachelor) - He was unfit for active service, but joined up as an ambulance driver in France. Died at home. Before he joined up he was the No 1 chauffeur for Lord Derby.

Great Grandfather

John (married) - b. 20.4.1889. Married Mary Ann Soley, b. 23.4.1888 d. 20.9.1945. Three children of the marriage, they are John Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth and Thomas.

John Lawrence (married) - b. 28.10.1910. Married Ivy Eileen Maddock. One child Lesley Anne.

Mary Elizabeth (married) - b. 1.5.1912. Married Ron Baverstock, no children.

Thomas (married) - b. 12.7.1914. Married Violet Penney. One child John Lawrence.


Thomas - b. 12.7.1914 d. 12.3.1970

Things you perhaps like to know:

Mary Sullivan (nee Sheehan) had three brothers and one sister. The boys all went to live in America. Her sister remained behind and married. Her married name was Wyatt.

Mary Sullivan (nee Soley) had three sisters and two brothers. Elizabeth, Maud, Nance? Thomas and Jack. Jack was in the Navy, and was lost at sea when his ship was sunk in the 1914 war.

Great Grandfather John Sullivan's name is on the huge monument at Thiepval, France. This monument gets to be shown on TV when films of the first world war armistice day are shown.

When he heard that his brother had joined up Robert Sullivan wanted to do the same. He went along to a recruitment office in the Edgeware Road, but he was told he was too young. The next thing he did was to go to another office, gave a higher age and gave his name as Wyatt (his Aunt's married name). All papers and medals sent to his mother are in the name of Wyatt. His mother tried to get him out of the army, she spoke to her local MP. He got her a meeting with the army people at Whitehall but all she got was 'he signed, he is in, he stays in'. His name is also on the monument as Wyatt at Thiepval.

During his time in the navy William Sullivan had sailed round the world more than once.

G. Uncle John