Sullivan Family Tree


Ref Thomas and Mary (nee Sheehan), you know about their four boys. They also had a daughter, Mary, I rather think she could have been the eldest child. I don't know anything about her. I only know what my mother told me, that she was killed in an accident, she was about 8 or 10 years old.

Thomas and Mary

Thomas was sent to England when the churches in Ireland were being burnt down. The Catholic Church took charge of him and many others at that time. Mary's parents had a brick making business in Limerick. I know nothing about their parents. One of Mary's brothers came over from America to see her at Luton Street. He was from Pennsylvania and she called him Matt.

Thomas (son) at one time was the No 1 chauffeur to Lord Derby and then later on he worked for the St. Marylebone B.C with his dad. He died in the 1930s I think it was. He was also buried at the Kensal Green R.C cemetery. His home at the time was Tadema House, Penfold St, London NW8. So we had Thomas & Mary, William and Thomas all buried at Kensal Green R.C cemetery. My mother is also buried in Kensal Green but in the C of E part of the cemetery.

My Grandmother died at home in the flats at Tadema House, date unknown. It was before the start of the war in 1939. She died after Thomas (son).

William had a naval escort for his funeral. A team of sailors arrived at Luton Street with a gun-carriage, the coffin was carried out of the house by the sailors and placed on the carriage. The Union Jack was placed over the coffin and then taken to Kensal Green.

Documents - the only ones I have are my mother's marriage lines and death certificate. Aunty Mary may have had some, perhaps your dad could help you with that one, some were sent to me after Ron passed away. When my mother died your Great Grandfather, Aunty Mary and I bought the plot in which she is buried, it will take two more. I would have liked Aunty Mary to have been buried with her mother but it was not to be. She did not live very far from Kensal Green, but other arrangements had been made. Aunty Mary had the deeds to the plot.

Photos - enclosed is one photo of my dad and one of his brother, Robert. The mark on Roberts photo was caused by a crease on the original one. I don't have any of my mother other than a group one of my wedding. I think Mary had some family ones. Also I have put in a photo of Aunt Ivy and myself. I like the coat of arms.

G. Uncle John

The boxer - the great John L was the worlds heavyweight champion bare knuckle fighter, very famous in his day. He as an American perhaps with a bit of Irish. I was in our post office one day collecting my pension, I gave the book to the man, he looked up and said 'the great John L, any relation?' so I said yes I think so.